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Three new naval wargames from Minden Games are available for immediate delivery, each one covering a specific era during the "age of the battleship."  These tabletop miniatures games are inexpensively priced to allow players to get a taste for the particular period that interests them most.

Each game uses the BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN game system (which emphasizes playability and histori-city), but each are stand alone designs, not requiring anything further to play. Each game comes complete with 20-page rules, several scenarios, over 80 individually rated ship counters, game markers, and Reference Card, and a copy of our SALVO! game. 
TSUSHIMA game components
GRAND FLEET game components
TSUSHIMA is the pre-dreadnought game of this series.  As its title suggests, its main scenario is based on the Battle of Tsushima between Russia and Japan in 1905.  In addition to ships from these countries, ships from Britain, France, Italy, and the United States are included... over 80 in all.  Ships are rated for flotation, stern-broadside-bow firepower, speed, armor, and several minor categories.  This game captures the unique naval warfare that existed between 1890 and 1906.
GRAND FLEET is the game covering the dreadnought era before and during World War I.  As its sister games in the series, it comes with the same kind of components (including number of ships), except relating to World War I era ships, rules, and scenarios.  For instance, long distance firing range came into its own during this period (including the effects of long range plunging fire), and the rules to Grand Fleet cover this and more.  Ships from the navies of Britain, Germany, France, and Italy are included.
Russian pre-dreadnought BORODINO
British ship DREADNOUGHT (1906)
BATTLEWAGONS is the World War II era game of the series.  As with the other games, each ship counter measures approx. 2.5" x .6", includes all game ratings and a scale drawing of the ship; counters need to be cut out prior to play.  Ships from Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan, France, and Italy are included.  The components are similar to the other two games, except crafted especially for World War II era combat.
Germany's BISMARCK
The BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN game system was designed by Minden to be historical, yet playable.  The scale of the game is 1 inch equals 1000 yards, and there are seven turns per game hour.  

If you are primarily a land lubber or a panzer-pusher, why not try one of these inexpensive games, and get a feel for tactical naval combat?  It's a great area of the hobby, and a lot of fun! 


First of all, please note that if you already own BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN, there is no need for you to buy Tsushima, Grand Fleet, or Battlewagons, as Battleship Captain already contains everything included in those games.  (Click here for the BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN page.)  

If you are contemplating buying Tsushima/Grand Fleet/Battlewagons at once, you may want to take the plunge and buy Battleship Captain if you don't own it already.  BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN is a much larger game and more comprehensive, as it includes over 1000 ships, rules for all three eras, many more advanced and optional rules for each era, more scenarios, more game markers, and so on.  On the other hand, you may be a fan solely of one of the eras (the pre-dreadnought era, for instance, in which case you can buy Tsushima and have the era you want). 

It's up to you... and, of course, owners of Battleship Captain may still want to buy some of the new games because of their handy size and new format.  We just don't want BC owners to expect new ship ratings or scenarios.  

Historical naval wargaming is fun, and, through the new format of these new games, we're trying to make everything accessible and economically flexible.

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(BB= dreadnought battleship; B= pre-dreadnought battleship; BC = battlecruiser; PB= pocket battleship; AC= armored cruiser; C= cruiser; CA: heavy cruiser, CL=light cruiser)  

RUSSIA: B: Borodino, Alexander III, Orel, Suverov, Navarin, Sissoi Veliky, Oslyabya, Nicholas I; Pobieda, Tsarevitch, Tri Sviatitelia, Sinop. C: Seniavin, Aprxin, Oleg, Aurora, Nakhimov, Vladimir, Donskoi, Zemchug, Izumrud, Almaz, Svietlana, Ushakov.
JAPAN: B: Mikasa, Shikishima, Asahi, Fuji.  AC: Idzum, Iwate, Asama, Tokiwa, Azuma, Yakumo, Kasuga, Nissin.
BRITAIN:  B: King Edward III, Swiftsure, Hibernia, Russell, Triumph, Majestic, Duncan, Canopus.  AC: Drake, Leviathan, Argyll, Devonshire. C: Powerful, Amphitrite.
GERMANY:  B: Lothringen, Zahringen, Worth, K.Friedrich III, Hessen, Braunschweig.  AC: Prinz Aldalbert, Victoria Luise.  C:  Bremen, Gazelle.
USA: B: Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Idaho.  AC: W.Virginia, Colorado. C: New Orleans, Brooklyn, Olympia.
FRANCE: B: Patrie, Suffren, Bouvet, Gaulois, Republique, St. Louis.  AC:  Thouars, Dupleix, Jules Ferry.  C: Catinat.

BRITAIN:  BB: Dreadnought, Bellerophon, St. Vincent, Monarch, Superb, Ajax, Neptune, Canada, Thunderer, Iron Duke, Queen Elizabeth, Barham.  BC:  Invincible, Indefatigable, Inflexible, Indomitable, New Zealand, Lion, Queen Mary, Renown, Princess Royal, Tiger.  AC:  Achilles, Black Prince, Minotaur, Duke of Edinburgh, Warrior, Cornwall, Kent.  CL:  Courageous, Caroline, Nottingham, Yarmouth.
GERMANY: BB: Westfalen, Nassau, Helgoland, Kaiser, Konig ALbert, Grosser Kurfurst, Kron Prinz, Bayern, Konig, Markgraf, Prinz Reg. Luitpold, Baden.  BC:  Moltke, Goeben, Lutzow, Vonder Tann, Seydlitz, Derfflinger, Hindenburg.  AC:  Blucher, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst.  CL:  Frankfurt, Konigsberg, Breslau.
FRANCE:  BB: Bretagne, Lorraine, Jean Bart, France, Paris.  B: Mirabeau, Diderot, Voltaire, Danton.  AC: Quinet, Rousseau, Renan.
ITALY: BB: Duilio, Andria Doria, Da Vinci, Dante, Caesar.  B:  Roma, V.Emanuele.  AC: Amalfi, Pisa, San Marco.

BRITAIN: BB: King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Nelson, Rodney.  BC:  Hood.  CA: London, Devonshire, Kent, Cumberland, York, Exeter.  CL: Charybdis, Phoebe, Edinburgh, Belfast, Achilles, Ajax.
GERMANY:  BB:  Bismarck, Tirpitz. BC: Scharnhorst, Gneisenau.  PB:  Graf Spee, Adm. Scheer.CA: Prinz Eugen, Adm. Hipper, Blucher.  CL:  Konigsberg, Koln.
USA:  BB: Tennessee, California, Maryland, N.Carolina, S.Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri.  BC:  Alaska, Guam.  CA: Macon, Los Angeles, Pensacola, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Columbia, Augusta, Chester.
JAPAN:  BB: Yamato, Negato, Mutsu.  CA: Tone, Aoba, Kinugasa, Myoko, Suzuya, Nati, Atago, Tyokai.  CL:  Nagara, Zintu, Kuma.
ITALY: BB: Roma, Vittorio Veneto, Littorio.  CA: Trento, Trieste.  CL: Scip.Africano, Montecuccoli, Attendolo, D'Aosta, Banda Nere.
FRANCE: BB:  Richelieu.  BC:  Dunkerque, Strassbourg.  CA:  Suffren, Tourville.  CL:  Galissonniere, Montcalm, Leygues, Bertin, Vienne.

BRITAIN: BB:  Ajax, Audacious, Dreadnought, Bellerophon, St.Vincent, Collingwood, Colossus, Hercules, Monarch, Conqueror, Canada, Iron Duke, Temeraire, Superb, Canguard, Neptune, Orion, Thunderer, King George V, Centurion, Agincourt, Erin, Benbow, Emperor of India, Marlbou\rough, Warspite, Valiant, Malaya, Resolution, Royal Oak, Queen Elizabeth, Barj\ham, Royal Sovereign, Revenge, Ramillies.  BC:  Inflexible, Indomitable, New Zealand, Lion, Tiger, Queen Mary, Renown, Indefatigable, Invincible, Australia, Princess Royal, Repulse.  B:  Lord Nelson, King Edward VII, Britannia, Zealandia, Hibernia, Dominion, Hindustan, Africa. AC:  Black Prince, Minotaur, Defence, Cochrane, Natal, Shannon, Achilles, Warrior, Duke of Edinburgh, Hampshire, Good Hope,.Bacchante, Drake, Leviathan, Argyll, Devonshire.
GERMANY:   BB: Thuringen, Westfalen, Nassau, Helgoland, Ostfriesland, Friedrich de Grosse, Prinz Reg. Luitpold, Kaiser, Kaiserin, Konig Albert, Grosser Kurfurst, Kronprinz, Bayern, Rhineland, Posen, Oldenburg, Konig, Markgraf, Baden.  BC. Moltke, Goeben, Von der Tann, Seydlitz, Derfflinger, Lutzow, Hindenburg.  B:  Deutschland, Hannover, Schleswig-Holstein, Hessen, Lothringen, Preussan, Zahringen, Mecklenburg, Worth, Wilhelm, K.Friedrich III, K.Wilhelm III, Pommern, Schlesien, Braunschweig, Elass, Wittelsbach, Wettin, Schwaben, Brandenburg, Weissenburg, Kurfurst Friedrich, K.Barbarossa, K. Wilhelm der Grosse.  AC:  Gneisenau, Hertha, Vineta, Furst Bismarck, Blucher, Scharnhorst, Prinz Adalbert, Friedrich Karl.

Pre-Dreadnought Era
Austria-Hungary: B: Erz.Friedrich, Sankt Georg, Erz.Karl, Erz.Ferdinand Max, Habsburg, Arpad, Wein.  AC: Karl VI.
Netherlands: B: Tromp, De Ruyter, K.Regentes.  C: Utrecht.
Spain: AC: Maria Theresa, Colon, Asturias, Carlos V.
Dreadnought Era
Russia: BB: Gangut, Petrovavlovsk, Imp. Maria, Imp. Ekaterina.  B:  Pervosvanni, Evstafi. AC: Pallada.  C: Svietlana.
Austria-Hungary:  BB: Tegetthof, Veribus Unitis, Prionz Eugen.  B: Ferdinand, Radetzky.
Spain: BB: Espana, Alfonso XIII.
World War II Era
Russia:  Pariz. Kommuna, Arkhangelsk.  CA: Kirov, Voroshilov.  CL: Ukraina, Krim.
Netherlands: CL: De Ruyter, Tromp.
Spain: CA: Baleares.  CL:  Cervera, Nunez, Galicia.


(For more detail about the game system itself, visit the BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN page.)

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BATTLEWAGONS game components